Monstera Tornado

Monstera Tornado

The idea for the Monstera Chandeliers literally began as a napkin sketch during breakfast one morning while we were admiring a jar of seeds we had collected a few weeks earlier. It got us imaging plants as mobile beings. Normally we think of plants as taking root and as stationary objects. When you start to look into the processes they employ to reproduce you realise all the clever ways they hitch rides and get about. We wanted to create an installation that drew inspiration from, and paid tribute to, these amazing processes. Monstera chandeliers are suspended by near invisible ties and appear to be floating in mid air. The design borrows from the sculptured forms seen in the seed reproduction process. It’s a nod to the craftiness of nature.

charlie and wona building a monstera tornado

Monstera Tornados are a playful evolution of the the Monstera Chandeliers design. 

monstera tornado

hanging monstera tornado